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Conference Hall

The School has a well equipped, air conditioned audio visual room to conduct workshops, seminars and orientation programmes.

Talent Development

The students will do extremely well in a large number of SUPW activities such as clay molding, soft toys making, Card board models,Candle making etc.

The children will be motivated and encouraged to participate confidently in curricular & co-curricular activities. Modern & latest techniques and discipline through examples and encouraging sports activities make the school an ideal platform for Physical, mental, emotional & spiritual growth of the children,s.


The school has a medical room. Medical check-up of each student is conducted periodically. First aid is provided to students during school hours, serious mishap, children are taken to the nearest possible medical aid center. If a child has any infectious disease the student should not be sent to school till certified fit.

Music and Sports

Students are welcomed to train in Indian vocal music and traditional instruments. We strongly believe that apart from nurturing talent, Indian music is an ideal catalyst for children to be firmly rooted to our culture and heritage.

An important characteristic of CPC is that it has an assumption that good education can be derived from playing sports CPC school has full time sports and physical education teacher. Students are encouraged to choose from the following games. Cricket, Football, Badminton, Handball, Kho-Kho, Volleyball, Net ball, Throw ball, Tag of war etc.

Periodical interaction is arranged with state level players and achievers so that the student are benefited with the experience and guidance of these sportsman.


A full fledged library is set up to broader the world of knowledge. This library is equipped with selected books on all subjects. A variety of news paper and magazines have also been subscribed.

  1. Each student shall be provided a burrower,s card at the beginning of the session. Which is to be returned at the end of the session.
  2. The borrower,s card is not transferable.
  3. This card will have to be shown when requested for by the librarian.
  4. Books, magazines and other publications shall be issued for a maximum period of seven days.
  5. Books lost, shall have to be replaced by the borrower or they shall have to pay the cost of replacement which included to current price along with a penalty of 50% of the cost of the book.
  6. Borrower failing to return the book on due date shall have to pay the over due charge of Rs. 1/- per volume per day for the period the books are kept beyond the due date.
  7. A member who loses His/Her Borrower,s card shall make a written report to the librarian. A duplicate card shall be issued on payment of a fee of Rs. 20/- Only.
Physic Lab

To imbibe the Understanding the Basis of Knowledge in Physics and the art of experimentation, the school has beautifully designed Physics Lab with all the modern amenities.The apparatus are fully functional and the aim is to achieve intellectual discoveries or develop experimental techniques on their own.

Chemistry Lab

To cultivate the ability to measure and report uncertain quantities with appropriate precision. our Chemistry Lab is equipped with learning kits and the best apparatus for conducting experiments. The students are given extensive practical experience to supplement the theories learnt in the classroom and security checks have been implemented to avoid any mishappening in the lab.

Biology Lab

For Supporting and strengthening theoretical knowledge to experience the pleasure of discovery and development of their psycho-motor skills, Our well equipped Biology Lab teaches students how scientific knowledge is used in daily life.

Computer Lab

The computer Lab of the school is one of the most modern labs which any school would have it. The lab has installed PIV Computers with LCD Monitors. Every student of a particular class get a chance to use the computer to its fullest. All the computers in the Lab have the latest software which can be used by the student as per their need and as per the prescribed course they can have a hands-on experience.

Smart Classes

We have smart boards in most of the classes to cater ciently to the future needs of a growing institute.


We have our own busses to avoid the problems of hired vehicles, Bus services are extended around Ten kms. From the school.

  1. No student availing bus facility shall be allowed to withdraw in mid-session. No request/application will be entertained in this regard.
  2. Every student must carry the bus-pass of the respective bus he/she uses.
  3. Traveling on foot-board is strictly prohibited.
  4. Students should not take out any part of their body out of the bus.
  5. Do not run to the bus, but walk in a queue.
  6. The school shall not be responsible for any untoward happening to the students while they are aboard the buses or on their self arranged conveyance.
  7. The bus facility is provided on obligatory basis.
  8. Conducting the students, to and from, the bus-stand is the sole responsibility of the parent.
  9. No student will be allowed to come to school in a self driven vehicle, except on a bicycle.
  10. Undesirable behavior in the school bus will make the student ineligible to use the school transport.
  11. Bus fee shall be charged for complete Eleven months.
  12. Request of parents to permit students to go back from school, in some other bus to relatives homes will not be entertained. At such times parents are expected to come personally to collect the child after school.

CPS Senior Secondary School Pavi Sadakpur, Loni, GZB has a well planned and beautifully designed. Double storeyed building in an extensive area. The building covers all the educational needs like class rooms laboratory, Library, Computer labs, sports facilities, multipurpose hall, splendid lawn, and smart boards.